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Today shall be a do-something day.

I haven't fully decided what I'm doing, but I've got three hours and thirty-two minutes before my Shadowrun game... no, maybe more time than that. Either which way, Around 5-6 I'll be online doing little of importance. In that time, it's time to make some useful contributions in some way.

I'm getting back into old sleeping habits. Enough of that malarky. I ought to be sleeping at decent hours and getting up and thinking about my day. Getting up and writing. Someday I'll get around to writing regularly, and then we'll really be on track.

Resume writing. Laundry. Figuring out how to clean the bathtub. Seeing when Dad will be checking my account next. Contacting that lovely woman who cleaned our house last year until my wealthy roommate left the house.

Things. Things.

I'm running on low creative energy right now, but at least I have tea. Maybe I should save this for an actual update to the parents, but it's nice to have a little mindsplurge and get out all the loose strands of data crawling through my head. What is already set in stone are the things I'll be confronting my roommates with - the seemingly inconsequential things that set up to a landslide in attitude. I'm sick of feeling like a servile ghost in their home that they only pay a mind to when he inconveniences their living spaces.

But I'm not thinking about that right now. Other things to do. Planning.

I better call my doctor before I forget to do that. And I need to talk to Matt about when to come in to drop off my resume.

And then there's always the dollar store.

Good day, sweet blog. Today's better than the last one.


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